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The Harsh Reality of Vet Med…What the World Needs to Understand

Originally posted on OCRTriVet:
I remember being a young child and dreaming one day of becoming a veterinarian.  The thought of working with animals brought me great joy, and I longed to save every furry creature that came across my…

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5 reasons the retractable dog leash is the worst invention, EVER

Originally posted on Home FurEver Rescue:
The hidden dangers of a retractable leash How often have you been out for a walk and seen someone walking their dog on a retractable leash? Probably a lot, they’re everywhere. Well let’s take…

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5 things NOT to do when you first adopt your dog

Originally posted on No Dog About It Blog:
I often try to remember back to when I adopted my first shelter dog. I was so uninformed and inexperienced back then. I had never adopted a dog before. I had absolutely…

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