Dogs and Cosmetics: What’s the Connection?

So you want to know the connection between dogs and cosmetics, do you?  The connection is painful, sad, abusive, cruel, isolating, terrifying and totally unnecessary.  Hordes of companies that manufacture cosmetics and cleaning supplies still test their products on animals.  Most drug companies do too despite the overwhelming evidence of other more accurate methods of testing (such as use of adult stem cells).

I had a vague idea that some cosmetics companies tested on animals. One of my social work mentors always checked the labels of cosmetics to assure they did not test on animals. My baby sister practices a vegan lifestyle down to refusing to wear leather shoes. I thought they were both a little “out there.”

These issues nearly totally escaped me until Billy and I started our pet sitting service.  I slowly became more aware of the issues via my participation on FaceBook with other dog and cat lovers.  That’s where I learned about the Beagle Freedom Project. Who knew? Certainly not me.  The BFP rescues lab animals (primarily Beagles) after they are no longer “useful” to the labs.

Prior to this type rescue effort the sweet compliant Beagles were usually euthanized. How’s that for a life….spend it in a cage without ever seeing the sunshine or feeling the grass under your feet all the while being “tested” in unspeakable ways.   Feel free to read more about it via the resources cited at the bottom of this post. Your stomach will churn if you investigate very far.

So what can we do about it?  Surprisingly, it is much easier than I thought.  This weekend I did a little web research.  One helpful resource was   Although I am no a fan of  PETA they also have a list of companies that do not test on animals and a list that do.  If a company goes through their certification program they can use the bunny logo that symbolizes no animal testing.  There are multiple other lists out there.  After only going as far in the alphabet as “C” I found numerous companies that also manufacture their products in the US.  Some of the ones I plan to check out include Aveda, Alba Botanical, Color My Image…the list goes on and on.

Tonight we went out for dinner at a well known chain that also houses a gift shop.  Imagine my pleasure when I found skin care products made by J. R. Watkins Company…no animal testing. That’s a win-win-win! The products are natural and made in Minnesota and I can buy in person and on line.

I’ve got a great deal more research to do. But one thing is for certain. I will be ordering makeup before I run out because I can no longer shop in the department store for my favorite brand.  The bottom line is the answer. I will be letting the companies know why I am no longer buying their brands. And it goes without saying that my letters to state and national representatives will continue. What will you be doing?


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Billy and Beth Harwell own and operate Dog Walkers & More at Coddle Creek, LLC, a pet sitting service located in Mooresville, NC. We provide peace of mind for pet parents when they must be away. We service pet families in Mooresville, Davidson, Cornelius and Mount Ulla, NC, Our two Springers, Luke &; Trooper, assisted by the able Brittany, Daisy do their best to keep us in line. We frequently share memories of our late Beau, a wonderful Brittany. Beth writes about the pet-human bond. Please visit our website for details about our services and check out our social media sites for loads of fun. Thanks for stopping by.
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