Daisy Mae’s Auto-Pawography

Tee hee hee.  Mommy doesn’t know I am takin’ ober her blog.  She thinks when I am sittin’ on her lapee puttin’ my paws on de keyboard that I don’t know what I’m doin’.  Tee hee hee.  I am a bery smart girl and impawtient too.  She kept sayin’ she was gonna blog ’bout me but she is sooo  sllloowww so I’m gonna write my pawography myself.

I am a Brittany (some folks call me a Brittany Spaniel).  My kind is known fur our huntin’ instincts.  But we is sooo  swweeet too!  I don’t like to bemember too much ’bout my 1st year of life but I has heard Mommy and Daddy and dat former foster Mommy Ms. Cassie talkin’ and dis is what dey sayd.  I was tied out on a chain.  I either broke loose or got dumped and dose aminal peoples picked me up as a stray.  I was so embarrasesd  and skeered.  I was sooo hungry too.  Dey took me to de aminal shelter in Caldwell County.  Here is a picture of me then.

Skeered Daisy Mae

It was noisy there. Dose people was nice to me but I was sooo skeered.  Dey did not know I was a Brittany and dey sayd I was a spaniel mix.  Dis nice critter lady posted my pic on her website and somebody recognized dat I am a Brittany and called dat foster lady with National Brittany Rescue and Adoption Network (NBRAN) and she drove down de mountain from Blowin’ Rock to git me.  Dey sayd I woulda been PTS in a few hours if Ms Foster Mom Cassie had not come after me!  I don’t understand dat last part but it brings tears to de eyes of my hoomans.

Anyways I stayed with Ms Cassie for a few weeks.  She gave me a bath and cleaned my bottom. She gave me yummy foodies and treats to eat and a nice warm soft bed to sleep in.  She teached me to git off da couch if I jumped on it cuz I didn’t have no manners. She took me to de vet and he cleaned a fews of my teeth and took out my “lady parts” so I would not have puppies. ‘Bout a week before my surgery I got to meet Mommy and Daddy at da park in Blowin’ Rock  and a week after my surgery Mommy and Daddy picked me up from Ms. Cassie and her friend in Hickory at da Pet Smart.  I is sooo embarrased when I bemember  dat I was not potty trained then and peed a river on da floor in dat Pet Smart!  But Mommy just cleaned it up and she and Daddy brought me home.  Ms. Cassie cried when she sent me off to my new life.  Here are a few pictures on my first day at my new home with my big brudder Luke and Mommy.  My brudder is an English Springer Spaniel.  See how much happier I already looked cuz Ms Cassie had showed me dat hoomans can be nice.



Mommy and Daddy have teached me to sit and stay.  I go in my crate eber time I come in da house cuz dey give me lots of coookkkkies eber time!  I loooovvvvee cooookies.  Sometimes if I am  weal good dey let me sleep on da big bed with dem.  Here is a picture of me on a pontoon on dat Lake Norman one day.  Mommy and Daddy rented it sos me and my big brudder Luke could go on an outin’.  We had suuuccchhh a goood time!!

Daisy on pontoon

And one day dey took me to Uncle Steve and Aunt Tracy’s house to swim in da pool!  I just jumped right in.

Daisy Mae gets her first swim in a pool.

Mommy and Daddy says dey lets me in and out of da house ’bout a million times a day.  But I is a bery busy girl with lots of interests inside and outside so I has lots of xplorin’ to do.  I is sooo happy now.  Daddy takes me on a pack walk in our woods eber day and takes me on car rides and watches me run faaassssttt figure 8 zoomies in da yard and and and and lots of good stuff.  But day don’t let me have stuffies cuz me and my big brudder Luke rip ’em apart!  My new middle brudder Trooper gits to have stuffies cuz he knows what to do with ’em?!  I jest don’t understand.  Sigh.

There is one more thing I don’t understand.  Mommy and Daddy come home smellin’ like other doggies a lot of days.  Mommy is a social worker and makes home visits and Daddy is a pet sitter.  Mommy helps with da pet sittin’ sometimes.  The strange smell they have is of CATS. YIKES!!

Another day I will tell you ’bout my big brudder Luke and my new middle brudder Trooper, but it is ’bout time for a nappee now.  Plus Mommy might figure out I stole her lapee toppee if I don’t git off here soon.  Thanks for coming to read Mommy’s blog.

P.S.  I don’t speak or write hooman bery well but I bet you would do eben worse if you tried to write DOG!!

I looove you. xoxo, Daisy Mae Harwell


About coddlecreekpetservices

Billy and Beth Harwell own and operate Dog Walkers & More at Coddle Creek, LLC, a pet sitting service located in Mooresville, NC. We provide peace of mind for pet parents when they must be away. We service pet families in Mooresville, Davidson, Cornelius and Mount Ulla, NC, Our two Springers, Luke &; Trooper, assisted by the able Brittany, Daisy do their best to keep us in line. We frequently share memories of our late Beau, a wonderful Brittany. Beth writes about the pet-human bond. Please visit our website for details about our services and check out our social media sites for loads of fun. Thanks for stopping by.
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